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How it works?

Timeshare Advertiser is a website aimed at the resale timeshare market. Timeshare owners can advertise their week/weeks for sale or rent for a small fee which covers the cost of design, maintaining and service to your advert giving you the best opportunity to sell or rent.


The publication of your first advert is a one off payment of £120.00  however if you would like to add additional adverts this will only cost £68.00 for each one. We will design the advert for you and publish this onto the website only once you are happy with the advert will we take payment.


Timeshare Advertiser offers you advice and the service to manage and monitor the sale or purchase of your timeshare. Also we are here to ensure that both buyer and sellers are aware of all stages of the process.

Property Sale

To begin the  process, once we have a buyer interested in your Timeshare, we will contact them to confirm that they are genuine.  Once we are satisified, documents of agreement will be sent to both seller and buyer.  After they are signed, we will then pass on contact details of the buyer to the seller so the property can legally be transfered.

When all has been completed and transfer of the property has been made, Timeshare Advertiser will ask 10% of the agreed purchase price for services provided.


Property Rent


When renting your property,  firstly we need to check the resort where you purchased to make sure we are aware of all necessary procedures. It is a good idea this is checked before paying for your advert so we are aware of any restrictions.  Once this is in place, Timeshare Advertiser will issue documents to both parties for agreement.  Once they are signed, the owner will receive payment directly from the tenant. Timeshare Advertiser will charge £70.00 for services provided.


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